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As a dynamic and successful company we are always on the move. This section features news and articles on current topics from the exciting world of packaging.

Now in operation - second construction phase in Marbach

Automated guided vehicle transport system since the end of 2011


MLR has developed and installed an automated guided vehicle transport system for Leopold, the packaging and carton manufacturer. The system collects the finished cartons from the die cutter, transports them to an assigned area in the hall and independently builds up a block store. The freely navigable transport vehicle type PHOENIX runs in three shifts and is in operation 24 hours a day. The automated guided vehicles are controlled by the system's own LogOS control software.

New high-bay warehouse now in operation

What started in 1954 as a one-man enterprise has evolved to become a major solid board processing packaging producer in Germany. On a production area of 48,000 m² and with a workforce of 215, Leopold Verpackungen GmbH now produces more than 60,000 tonnes of carton with the most advanced machines in the industry. The Leopold Verpackungen GmbH facility in Marbach is one of the most sophisticated folding carton manufacturing plants in Europe. It only produces packaging for the food industry. The different areas of operation are automated from start to finish, from incoming goods to raw materials storage and the production areas printing, die cutting and gluing through to warehousing and shipping. With its steady market share growth and continuous investment, Leopold initially only produced plain carton packaging and shirt inserts. Today the company's range of products includes all types of folding and locking bottom cartons as well as collapsible boxes. A number of patents, patented new developments and individual special designs have played a role in establishing the excellent reputation of the company and achieving the high regard it enjoys - today as well as tomorrow.

New high-bay warehouse in Marbach am Neckar

This growth was also done justice to with new production facilities in Marbach am Neckar; the conventional warehouse options were, however, also quickly exhausted at the site. For this reason in 2010 the decision was made to erect a new production building and a fully-automatic high-bay warehouse with MFI as a general contractor. The warehouse was designed with space for 7,100 pallets. This building has a footprint of approx. 6,000 m² and investment totalled approximately EUR 9,200,000. The design of the existing buildings and this extension focused on the very latest material flow and environmental aspects.  Temperature control in the building also includes the use of groundwater, for example.

Subsequent extensions possible

To enable more extensions during ongoing production in the future, the new warehouse does not have a silo-based design but was set up in a conventional hall with a clear height of 20 metres. The entire concept is based initially on two rack aisles with double-depth pallet storage which can be doubled in this hall during a subsequent construction stage (approx. 7,100 spaces). High flexibility also played an important role during the planning phase. In the new warehouse, 800 x 1200 mm and 900 x 1200 mm Europool pallets can be stored and transported - also with different pallet heights of 1450 / 1600 / 1700 / 1850 mm. In addition, several conveying routes for in-plant transport and subsequent extension are already planned for 1450 x 1050 mm pallets. The pallets are delivered directly from the production lines in Marbach, but also through the incoming goods section from the Ludwigsburg production facilities. The new production hall is supplied with material from the warehouse and is directly linked to the shipping section. In the shipping section the pallets are already assigned to the tours on the respective shipping lines and automatically sorted and buffered in front of the ramps before they are collected. Trucks can therefore be selectively loaded with conventional hand pallet trucks with optimum timing, which minimises the truck and platform waiting times.

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